Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bellefontaine Cemetery (July 07)

This is Bellefontaine Cemetery in Saint Louis. These pictures are from a few different trips I made in 2007. Once I heard who was buried here, I figured it should be interesting.

The hilly landscape is covered in the most ornate headstones I've ever seen. There are mausoleums everywhere and the more money you had, the bigger your grave site was. Some of the wealthiest dead have sepulchers the size of small churches. Most notably, of course, is that of Adolphus Busch whose grave is an incredibly ornate scaled down gothic cathedral complete with stained glass windows and a tall copper spire. The ill-fated Lemp family resides here as well as countless other notable Saint Louisans. Overall, it is quite a remarkable cemetery which is very well maintained and big enough to get lost in.

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