Sunday, August 21, 2011

Brownhurst Mansion

The Brownhurst Mansion was built in approximately 1892 for Daniel Sidney Brown, son of the founder of the Pioneer Steam Keg Works (later the Pioneer Cooperage Company). Brown, an avid horticulturalist, was known for cultivating rare orchids and other species of plants on his once vast estate.

The mansion has been owned by the Society of Mary since 1918. It has been sitting vacant since 1989.

Despite the fact that this historic building is in good shape overall, the current owners want it demolished and soon, it will be.

source: Landmarks Association,

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  1. I came across this building last year and found it absolutely interesting. I walked around the outside and took some photographs because I enjoyed such a unique site in such a populated area. I find it so sad and irritating that it must've been demolished by now...