Monday, August 2, 2010

TRRA Tower #1 Interlock Station

Today was a grueling day of exploring from morning to sundown. Most of the places we were looking to get into had recently been securely boarded up or had shiny new barb-wire fences around them. The only notable exception today was a location I won't be posting about other than to say that you should be jealous.

This building, however, has been on the list for a while and today was it's day. Turns out it was, according to some scribbling on the wall (verified by the internet), TRRA Tower #1 Interlock for Union Station Tracks. The only further information I have at this time is that it was also known as Perry Tower. It was fairly small and in horrible condition.

"YNOT" was a friend of mine who was murdered not long ago and I was pleased to find some of his work here. RIP.

I can't verify that all of this information is correct, but a preliminary investigation reveals that it is plausible.

Random rooftop shot from the end of the day today.

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